Posted 5 months ago (2020-10-17 11:41:10)
Welcome to postAr!

## What and Why

Postar makes it dead simple to push data from anywhere right to your browser.
It is ideal if you just quickly need to get *a value* from a remote system.

It is not intended to compete with pastebin or similar services. 

*'What's different?'* You ask?

* dead simple data push - stupid simple "API"
* easily overwriteable data - just push again
* temporary - post count limit (old posts get kicked), in memory

The use cases are:

* You need to get ip address of an embedded device (and dyndns is too much overhead and/or you need the internal ip)
* want to get quickly updating values from a sensor (simple overwrite)
* share some information and make it disappear from the internet again just seconds later (just make another push to overwrite it)

### Why I created it

I needed to know the IP address of a headless RaspberryPi which it got from the company's dhcp server. Dyndns would have given me the public IP, so I looked for a website to which the Pi could post data  (its ifconfig output) repeatedly, where I could easily access it from another pc.
Since I couldn't find one and the APIs from all the paste* websites were way too complex for this, I created postAr.
Now you and me can easily accomplish this task via:

	while true; do
		ifconfig | curl --data-binary @- ; sleep 60;

... and always know its IP by looking at /get/pi-ip

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